Samtah University College organizes an English Literary Infographic Contest

30 Rajab 1443

Under the generous patronage of His Excellency the Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Fatima Aqili, and the Dean of the College, Dr. Miad Siddique, and in the presence of a number of faculty members and female students, the English Language Department at the University College in Samtah Governorate, in cooperation with the Student Activity Unit at the college, held an infographic competition for English literature, in the theater of the College of Arts and Humanities in Jazan.

The meeting was started by Ms. Baida Al-Subaie, who started with an introduction about the competition, its objectives, conditions and mechanism. She talked about the importance of visualizing data in the form of infographics, which is a form of visual communication and enables its users to present and display information smoothly using visual elements characterized by simplicity and attractiveness. Information can be represented using charts that integrate different types of data, whether in the form of images, tables, or even text. After that, the Dean of the University College, Samtah, gave her speech, in which she confirmed that the aim of this competition is to encourage female students to highlight their talents in this aspect, develop their abilities and spread the spirit of competition among them. She thanked the Vice Dean for Student Affairs for honoring and sponsoring the competition. This was followed by introducing the participating female students from the English language departments from the various faculties of Jazan University (female section), then introducing the members of the competition jury, who were selected from various faculties based on their specialization in English literature.

After that, the judging events began with the first round, where an oral presentation was given by the participants about their participation in a period of time not exceeding a minute and a half. According to certain criteria of the jury, five participants were nominated for the second and final round. In this round, the participants were asked two questions out of a set of random questions in the field of literature and infographics, and the student answered them from a point of view related to her work. Then, based on the participants' answers and their outstanding performance, in an enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere, the jury selected the first three places. After the results were announced, the first place winners and all entries were honored.  This was concluded with a speech by the Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Fatima Aqili, in which she praised the efforts made by the college and all the participants of the competition, and added that such competitions encourage and stimulate the spirit of competition among students, renew activity and refine talents and abilities.

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