Using technology to improve English language learning at Samtah University College

30 Rajab 1443

​​The University College in Samtah Governorate, represented by the Department of English, in cooperation with the University's English Language Club, organized a workshop entitled (Using technology to improve English language learning). The workshop presented a distinguished group of members of the English Language Club from the female students of the department, who shared their fruitful experiences in learning English through the use of modern technology.

The workshop included several points, including the importance of using technology in learning English, as well as the most important features of technology, which play an important role in language learning, and how it differs from the usual method of learning that is limited to being in the classroom. Then they talked about the impact of technology on improving English language learning and providing solutions that help the learner to reach his/her goal to the fullest. This was followed by a discussion of the basic skills in language learning, which are listening, reading, speaking and writing, and how to develop each skill separately through technology.

Distinguished experiences were presented to the students through which they were able to improve and develop their English language using different technical applications. The workshop concluded by opening the door for discussion with the attendees and listening to their valuable opinions on what was discussed in the workshop and enriching the discussion by presenting their experiences and expertise in the field of technical learning.