Honoring the Outstanding Students in the Civil Engineering Department for the Semester (202101)

13 Ramadan 1443

Honoring the Outstanding Students in the Civil Engineering Department for the Semester (202101)


The Student Advisory Council of the Department of Civil Engineering at Jazan University held a ceremony to honor the outstanding students in the department for the first semester of the academic year 1442 AH.

The ceremony began with a fragrant recitation from the Book of God Almighty, recited to our ears by the student / Al-Badr Ibrahim Helwi. For those who gave him the opportunity to appear in front of his fellow students and honorable professors, then offered words of congratulations and blessings to his fellow students for their excellence and their scientific harvest, followed by his thanks to the parents and what they are doing for the sake of their children’s success, and he concluded his speech by thanking all the faculty members who did not spare their students all useful knowledge.

Then, His Excellency the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Dr. Ali Al-Malki, delivered his speech at this ceremony, where he started by congratulating the outstanding students on his own behalf and on behalf of the Dean of the College of Engineering, His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Abu Taleb, praising his outstanding sons and motivating them to continue their keenness and excellence and to complete their educational path with effort and determination, asking the Lord for their permanence. Success and success, His Excellency also valued the role of the Council and its members in contributing to the success of this ceremony.

Then came the honoring of the outstanding students in the department, as well as the volunteers for the tutoring lessons, as well as the members of the Student Advisory Council for their effective contribution and their role in linking the student's voice to the department's management.

Praise be to God, 39 students who excelled at the department level, 16 students who volunteered to provide remedial lessons, and 9 members of the Student Advisory Council were honored.

This ceremony was attended and honored by a number of faculty members in the department, and a number of students attended the ceremony to support and encourage their outstanding colleagues.