Practicing English Grammar Easily at Samtah University College

09 Rajab 1443

Samtah University College, represented by the Department of English, held a workshop entitled "Practicing English Grammar Easily." It was carried out by Dr. Qamar Suleiman and targeted college students.

The purpose of this workshop is to shed light on the importance of grammar for English learners and build the grammatical competence of students through the application of grammar rules using texts in reading, writing, and listening. It also encourages them to develop their linguistic abilities by listening to short stories in different tenses such as the past and present, where it is easy to connect them. The main grammatical rules were discussed during the workshop with approximately 11 grammatical rules, and the trainees applied these grammatical rules. Models of reading, models of writing, as well as educational videos to improve grammatical skills were also shown. The workshop implemented several interactive activities to practice reading and writing, including writing a short topic to apply grammatical structures and identify grammatical errors in writing and how to correct them. The workshop concluded with a summary of the trainees' instructions to improve their grammatical skills.

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Thursday 09 Rajab 1443