Word and Excel workshop at Samtah University College

21 Sha’ban 1443

Jazan University: Media Department

The University College in Samtah, represented by the Planning and Development Unit, organized a workshop entitled Your Guide to Teaching Word & Excel, implemented by Dr. Fatima Al-Sharqawi and supervising the implementation of tasks by Dr. Nadia Hussein. The target group was the administrators who touched on several axes, the most important of which is the introduction of roses and clarification of its most important features and how to use the various forms and techniques of Word. Document formats and the inclusion of hyperlinks and shortcuts within the document, then I showed them the mechanism of saving in different ways, making it easier to search for it when needed, and then it was applied to what I had covered at the beginning of the workshop.

The next day, I showed them the Microsoft Office Excel application, a program used to create spreadsheets, lists, budgets, and graphs. Excel is useful for data processing and may be used to perform advanced arithmetic operations. The program was designed by Microsoft and is considered one of the most widely used programs in the world. Then I talked about the features of this application and how to insert a worksheet and format it using shortcut keys. An explanation of the use of different Excel tables was addressed. And applying them in the field of specialization for each group according to the requirements in their field of work and training them on specialized settings such as conditional coordination, the use of some mathematical functions in an easy and concise way, and the inclusion of graphs.

At the end of the workshop, their views were surveyed about benefiting from the training course and applying what they learned.​

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