Workshop on the use of virtual reality in teaching at Samtah University College

21 Sha’ban 1443

Jazan University: Media Department  

Samtah University College organized a workshop entitled “Using Virtual Reality in Teaching” carried out by Dr. Fatima Al-Sharqawi, Vice Dean for Development, and Dr. Nadia Hussein, Head of the Quality Unit, in the faculty’s computer lab targeting faculty members.

The workshop touched on several axes, most notably the concept of virtual reality, its objectives and importance, how to create a virtual classroom and support it with educational materials and training in preparing electronic exams through Google Class applications and the most important augmented reality programs, including zappar, then some examples of its use in education, including educational virtual games and others, how to register and create a lecture And dissemination through virtual reality and the dimensions and characteristics of effective teaching.

At the end of the workshop, she urged the attendees to realize the importance of augmented reality and knowledge of registration, and to create a lecture supported by augmented reality, wishing them an academic year full of giving and success.​

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