Bingo competition at the Applied College in Samtah and the University College in Samtah (formerly)

05 Rajab 1444

The Department of English at the Applied College in Samtah, in cooperation with the Student Activity Unit, has activated the "Pingo Competition" as part of the English Language for All program. This competition aimed to double the linguistic balance of the students and enrich their scientific and knowledge levels through several competitive rounds in an enthusiastic atmosphere. Twelve students from different levels had the opportunity to participate, and at the end of the competition, the first three places were awarded as follows:
First place: student Amjad Salami
Second place: student Al-Anoud Marir
Third place: student Siham Qahl
It is worth noting that the competition received a good response from the students, which reflects the importance of these competitive competitions in enhancing opportunities for positive interaction and communication among college students.