Program Goals and Values

Program Goals

1. Qualify students in the fields of English Language and literature for professional employment.
2. Enhance students' abilities to develop research skills through critical and analytical thinking in
the fields of Linguistics, English Literature and Literary theory.
3. Qualify students to achieve a high level of competence in both oral and written communication.
4. Involve students to participate in projects that help them serve the local community.
5. Facilitate autonomous learning to help students pursue graduate studies and careers.             

Program Values        

Citizenship: Cherishing national identity and sensing social responsibility.
Affiliation: A sense of commitment and initiative towards the goals and objectives of the university.
Responsibility: Adherence to ethical standards and business values.
Excellence: Application of standard practices and provision of quality services.
Building competences: Investing in Human Capital.
Teamwork: Devoting the principle of cooperation and work in the spirit of one team.