Message from the Head of the Department

Welcome to the website of the Department of English, Samtah University College, Jazan University.
As long as you have arrived here, you are actually entering the Department of English at the University College of Samtah - Jazan University. You are here standing with us at a spacious gate overlooking the world. Yes, the world with its variety of languages, vast range of sciences and diverse cultures. Here we are trying hard to catch something from everything in an effort to link our present, which is tinged with the fragrance of the past,  with our promising future, bearing the responsibility to be a role model. We are keen here to be embellished with the benign values ​​that are not exclusive to us, but rather that make us partners of success in our small community, the English Department, putting our hands together with the rest of our colleagues from other departments, enlightened by the directives of our nearby management and higher administrations in harmony of our country’s ambitious vision “Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.” It is not appropriate in this short welcome message to talk about study plans or what is being done in our department, but rather to say: You are most welcome, here, where you will find an active team that resembles a beehive working in harmony among all members who are busy eager for best goal achievement, taking good care of our students to enable them strive upwards the ladder of success.   
Kind Regards! 


Mrs. Hadeel Hadi Madkhali

Head - Department of English  

To Contact:

Tel.: 0173295000
Ext: 3662