About the Department

The department of English was established in 1429/1430 AH. The department seeks to provide an integrated education in English Language and Literature, Applied and Theoretical Linguistics by developing students’ linguistic, intellectual and research skills to meet the requirements of the labor market. The department focuses on scientific research, community service and encouraging dialogue, understanding and intercultural communication. 

College Vision

Program Vision

The English Language Program at Jazan University will be a nationally leading program that promotes high-quality education, innovative research and community service.

Program Mission 

The English Language Program aspires to provide graduates with quality education and research skills to master theoretical knowledge and practical skills in fields of English Language and Literature to enable them contribute to community service whilst fulfilling the demands of local labor market.   

College tasks

Program Goals 

  1. Qualify students in the fields of English Language and literature for professional employment.  
  2. Enhance students' abilities to develop research skills through critical and analytical thinking in the fields of Linguistics, English Literature and Literary theory. 
  3. Qualify students to achieve a high level of competence in both oral and written communication. 
  4. Involve students to participate in projects that help them serve the local community. 
  5. Facilitate autonomous learning to help students pursue graduate studies and careers. 




Samtah University College, represented by the Department of English, held a workshop entitled "Practicing English Grammar Easily." It was carried out by Dr. Qamar Suleiman and targeted college students. The purpose of this workshop is to shed light

09 Rajab 1443


Schedule (Midterm exams) for the first semester (20231) of the university year 1444 AH for the Department of (English Language) Version 4

10 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1444

Schedule (Midterm exams) for the first semester (20231) of the university year 1444 AH for the Department of (English Language) Version 3

10 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1444

Introductory workshop on (Exit Exam) at the Department of English at Samtah University College

24 Sha’ban 1443
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