Vice Dean, Research and Development

Letter from the Vice Dean, Research and Development, Samtah University College


One of the goals of the Kingdom as stated in Vision 2030 is to reach a higher position in the Global Competitiveness Index by 2030. The two components of the Global Competitiveness Index namely, Business sophistication and Research and Development Innovation are the Innovation - driven factors. The Kingdom can advance by strengthening its Research and Development competitiveness. It is now the responsibility of all the universities across the Kingdom to conduct high-quality research and improve the quality of publications. The Research and Development accomplishments in all the universities should be encouraged so that it promotes research stimulation and knowledge production. This would in turn help the Kingdom to move to an elevated position in the Global Competitiveness Index. Jazan University has adopted it in its vision to provide distinguished innovative research by encouraging research production. The vice deanship of Research and Development, Samtah University College, seeks to be a solid pillar that would achieve the vision, mission, and values of the university. Jazan University has taken up as a duty to realize the ambition of the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented in the Vision 2030, which aims at qualitative education, radical change, and keeping pace with challenges and developments to reach a vibrant society, a prosperous economy, and an ambitious nation. It would wish to achieve it and hence, included it in its strategic plan. The quality management system, performance assessment, and analysis are the tools to ensure the implementation of the strategic plan. The vice deanship for Research and Development should first take the necessary course of action to implement the steps to achieve the goals and initiatives stated in the strategic plan in their respective colleges. It is vital to supervise its achievement and assess to what extent the college has achieved its strategic objectives taken from the university's strategic plan and how far the mechanisms for planning, implementation, and improvement have been developed. The colleges have to boost the quality of the college's outputs, achieve excellence, and seek accreditations for all the programs. 

To contact the Vice Dean for Research and Development: 

Dr. Khadija Dhafer Otaif