The Speech of the Head of the English Department

The Speech of the Head of the English Department


The English Department at University College Farasan is one of the eldest departments in Farasan Island, started in 1430. The Department is considered the main source to teach English language as a foreign language. The English language as all people know is an international language, specially after one can communicate with all the world from his/her own room. A person need to communicate with all the nationalities in the world, therefore it's needed to know the rules, the grammar and how it is spoken.

The department teaches applied linguistics, literature and translation. There are eight teachers from different nationalities, and ten Saudi teachers seven of them are studying abroad in England and America.

It is important to know that the department has one hundred and twenty students.

The efforts concentrate on teaching the Saudi students a new language to work as a teacher in universities, schools, a translator in hospitals  and so on. Therefore we need the students to learn English to communicate with the world around them, to know new information and to develop themselves.


The Head of the Department

 Dr.Afra Ahmed Abdelkareem

Email ID:

Phone: 0173295000    #Ext : 3180