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The department was established in 1431 AH to be a building block of the University College of Al-Darb, a scientific tributary of science and knowledge, and a major supporter towards achieving the desired comprehensive development based on distinguished academic programs of high quality that meet the needs of the labor market with graduates equipped with distinctive skills…


Department Vision

The Business Administration Programme at Jazan University will be a regionally leading program that promotes excellence in business and entrepreneurship education, innovative scientific research, and community service.

Department Mission

The Business Administration Programme aspires to provide graduates with quality education and research skills to master theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship to enable them to contribute to the national economy, research, and community service.

Graduate Attributes:

These are the following attributes expected from the graduates of the BBA in Business
Administration Program:
1. Sound knowledge of business administration
2. Ability to critically analyze and solve business problems
3. Work in an ethical and responsible manner
4. Leadership and teamwork
5. Self-appraisal and continuous professional development

Program Goals:

1. Provide the environment to prepare skilled graduates in the field of business
2. Encourage the students towards continuous learning and support in their holistic
3. Develop the intellectual capacity of students through innovative teaching strategies and
advanced infrastructure.
4. Provide an environment to support the continuous professional development of faculty.
5. Encourage the faculty to produce effective research outcomes along with other
researchers and students.
6. Contribute to economic growth and social needs of the community and business
industry and public sector organizations

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