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The word of the assistant head of the department 

Welcome to the Department of Physics, University College, Al-Ardah, Jazan University. The most knowledgeable of physics is the science based mainly on contemplation and contemplation of the laws of the universe around us, which God Almighty urged us to contemplate, know and benefit from in our lives. It is the science that is concerned with the study of natural phenomena that arise from matter, its movement, energy and interactions between them. It also deals with tangible and measurable cosmic properties such as force, energy, mass and charge. Physics has a prominent imprint in the development and advancement of human civilizations. No one denies that the discoveries of physics have brought about radical changes in the various sectors of technology and medicine. That is why the department’s plan is based on the study of basic concepts and practical applications related to those fields. The department seeks with all its members and capabilities to provide the student with knowledge and skills, and develop it to produce a valid brick that contributes to building society, advancing development and facing the challenges of the scientific and technical era. The Department of Physics is pleased to place in your hands this website for an introduction to its employees, a review of its plans and study programs, and an overview of its most important works, activities and developments, which we hope will benefit the student and the honorable visitor.

Information of the assistant head of the department

Name / M/ Faten Adel Mohamed



phone number /  0173295000    Converted 3870