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Welcome to the Department of English Language and Literature, University College, Al-Ardah, Jazan University. One of the major departments that make up the College of Science and Training in Al-Ardah, the department is committed to serving the community by teaching English language and literature in order to graduate qualified students who meet the needs of the labor market in the fields of education, translation, journalism and editing. The Department of English seeks to provide high levels of education and research, with our consistent vision to reach excellence in English language departments with a global reputation. The department also has enthusiastic, qualified and highly experienced faculty who are happy to provide professional teaching, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as conduct scholarly research in a variety of disciplines. The department includes faculty from different countries with high degrees from globally recognized universities who are dedicated to making student learning a uniquely rewarding and enjoyable experience.

The Department of English at Jazan University offers a Bachelor’s study plan for students who wish to major in English Language and Literature. The study plan includes courses in the core areas of the English language as well as a variety of elective courses from which students can choose to suit their specific interests. The lower-level courses in the plan are designed to enhance students' listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, while the higher-level specialized courses provide students with practical knowledge in theoretical and applied linguistics and hone their skills in interpretation, analysis, and criticism of literary texts in various genres of novel, poetry, and drama. The department also offers MA programs in Linguistics and Literature. These graduate programs aim to enhance students' critical thinking and creativity, broaden their knowledge in their chosen academic fields of specialization, and improve their research and analytical skills. In keeping with the rapid advancement of modern educational technology, the English Department houses a number of smart classrooms and language laboratories that help students acquire language knowledge and skills more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The department's library houses a large number of books and references also available to both faculty and students to facilitate learning and teaching.

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