standardized tests


What is the standard test?

The standard test is a test that the graduate passes in the last or penultimate year of graduation, the main objective of which is to assess the learning outcomes of the program (knowledge - skills - values).

Standardized Test Objectives:

  •  Measuring the extent to which the skills necessary for employment among the target students are achieved and required by the labor market.

  • Evaluating the quality of educational outcomes in academic programs.

  • Measuring a number of indicators related to the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and preparing related improvement plans.

  • Raising the level of graduates of Jazan University to achieve the requirements of the labor market and achieve competitiveness in the quality of outputs at the national, regional and international levels.

  • Contributes to supporting academic decision-making for majors in universities and helps to adapt to the labor market.

Student incentives:

  • The student is given a document from the university stating the performance of the test.

  • The top three students from each program are honored in an annual university-wide celebration.

  • Academic programs have the right to provide any other incentives they deem appropriate.

Dates of standardized exams for the programs of the College of Applied Medical Sciences:


Department of Physical Therapy

Students - College of Applied Medical Sciences - Hall F120/F144




Department of Physical Therapy

Female Students - University College in Al-Ardah - Computer Lab 107-108






Standard Exam References:

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References to the standard tests of the Department of Physiotherapy:

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