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Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Noble Messenger

The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs is one of the agencies concerned with everything related to the academic and educational aspects of the college, which derives from the philosophy, vision, mission and strategic objectives of the college that focus on quality in education through the development of academic and training plans and programs in accordance with the standards of comprehensive quality and academic excellence, and today with the development in education Paying attention to gender before quantity. The responsibility has become to develop programs that take into account modern curricula and teaching methods, so that the college assumes the position it deserves as an educational college concerned with building a knowledge society and a house of expertise at the local and regional levels:

The following units are associated with the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs:

  •  Scientific Research and Innovation Unit
  • Student Activities Unit
  • community service unit
  • scholarship unit
  • Alumni unit                   

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To contact the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Aisha Akmi


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