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About the Council Secretariat

The College Council Secretariat is an executive department that facilitates the tasks and procedures of the College Council, as it provides some work, including administration and secretarial services, for everything related to the work of the Council and in accordance with the Council’s system and with all instructions issued by the College Deanship. The Secretary of the College Council is directly linked to the Dean of the College, who is appointed to this position

Council members

By the dean of the college (chairman of the council) based on the council’s nomination of one of its members to assume the duties of the council’s secretary.

M The name Adjective
1  Dr. Nouf Hussein Abu Hadi Dean of the College (President)
2 Dr.. Aisha Akmi Vice Dean for Academic and Administrative Affairs (Member)
3 M. Nahed Awad Khairy Development Undersecretary (Member)
4 Dr.. Shazia El Shazly Head of Physics Department (Member)
5 M. Tariq Spa Head of the Department of English Language Translation (Member)
6 a . Ikhlas Bakrin secretary


College rules and regulations


college council system

Article thirty-two: He is responsible for managing the college or institute  

1/ The council of the college or institute.

2/ Dean of the college or institute

3/ Councils of colleges and institutes

Article thirty three: The college or institute council is composed of: - The Dean (Chairman). - agent. - Heads of Departments. The University Council, based on the proposal of the College or Institute Council, and the endorsement ofمThe rector of the university may include in his membership at most three members of the faculty, institute or college Correspondence from the university’s branches and determines the term of their membership.

Article Thirty Four: Subject to the provisions of this and other regulations and what is decided by the Higher Education Council or the University Council, the college or institute council is competent to consider matters related to the college or institute, and in particular it may:

1- Propose the appointment of faculty members, teaching assistants and lecturers and their secondment Assignment and promotions.

2- Suggesting or modifying study plans with coordination between departments.

3- Suggesting curricula, prescribed books and references in the college or institute departments.

4- Encouraging the preparation and coordination of scientific research between the college departments or the institute and working to publish it.

5- Suggesting exam dates and setting the regulations for conducting them.

6- Suggesting the internal regulations of the college or institute.

7- Suggesting training plans and missions necessary for the college or institute.

8- Suggesting a plan for the extracurricular activities of the college.

9- Deciding on student matters that fall within its competence and recommending the University Council otherwise. Considering what is referred to it by the university council, its president, or its deputy for study and opinion.

Thirty-fifth Article: The college or institute council meets at the invitation of its president at least once a month. The meeting is not valid unless two thirds of its members are present. Its decisions are issued by an absolute majority of the votes of the attending members. In case of equality, the side on which the president belongs, and the decisions of the council are considered valid unless there is an objection from the university director. Within fifteen days from the date of its arrival to him, and if he objects to it, he returns it to the college council with his point of view to study it again. This is final.... The college or institute board may form permanent or temporary committees from among its members or from others.



College Council Secretariat address

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