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About Student Affairs

The Female Student Affairs Unit in the college is one of the important units in the college due to its close relationship with the female students. It is a unit that has a set of services and special interests for female students from the beginning of their joining the university to their graduation. Its most important objectives are to create an appropriate atmosphere for female students and take care of them educationally by guiding and guiding them and helping them to overcome and facilitate all the problems they may face.

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. Working to provide a distinct and stimulating academic environment for female students.

2. Contribute to the processes of continuous development and improvement of the academic programs for the female sectors.

3. Activating strategic community partnerships to build bridges of communication with all sectors inside and outside the college.

4. Work to raise the efficiency of performance in the college.

5. Creating the appropriate environment for the development of human capabilities and capabilities in the departments.

6. Contribute to the development and promotion of the college's research services.


Striving to provide a high-quality academic and research environment that contributes to the preparation of innovative and pioneering female graduates in their field, who participate in serving and developing the local, regional and global community.


A pioneering academic and research environment in building influential women leaders scientifically and socially