Unit for people with special needs

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    About the Unit


Higher education for disabled students current times witnesses changes and improvement in response to pressing demands by society and the constant development of clear policies on higher education for this category all over the world. As a result, it became necessary for many higher education institutions working on change in educational policies to allow for higher education to most types of disabilities. Many of the research literature in Special Education has shown that students with disabilities face challenges in higher education environments. With the increasing demands of disabled people to complete higher education, it became necessary to modify and adapt the higher education environment to provide appropriate opportunities that help them to complete their higher education.


Overcoming all the obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of special needs at university level by working to create an integrated service center, providing their individual needs and educational support and advice.


Utilizing from all available human and material resources to meet the needs of students with special needs in education and provide specialized programs in care, rehabilitation and public education.


Preparing educational and training programs for students with special needs.

-Participating in various student activities and programs in various events and student trips

-Building a strategic relationship with specialized agencies, associations and centers for special needs service..

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We receive you at the University College of the model, and we are happy to contact you and meet us through the details below
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