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     Unit  plan                                                              Unit report   

   About the Unit    

           an introduction

The Outstanding Female Unit was established in an effort to achieve a distinct academic environment that stimulates creativity and prepares a generation of distinguished and creative competencies and energies, and qualifies them for the labor market.                  


Distinguished qualification for national competencies specialized in various fields through the scholarship program to obtain higher degrees, gain knowledge and experience, develop their educational and research skills, and actively contribute to the developmental process of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


1 / Developing the abilities of outstanding students and motivating them to gain more knowledge and knowledge

2Providing them with the opportunity to benefit from internal and external scientific programs and workshops to refine their skills and raise the level of constructive creative thinking for them.

3/ Spreading and consolidating the culture of excellence and creativity in the college to instill a spirit of positive competition among female students.

 4 / Qualification of distinguished and creative cadres who meet the needs of the labor market

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We receive you at the University College of the model, and we are pleased to contact you and meet with us through the details below
0173295000                            Room 431