Public Relations Unit

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   About the unit


The Public Relations Unit seeks to be the window of administration on society, and a link between the administration and its internal audience on the one hand, and the various public and private sectors on the other hand. It also seeks to consolidate the positive impression of the administration and its lofty mission, and to form mental images that coincide with the scientific and educational goals and status  of the administration.


.Strengthening the relationship between the administration and its employees,and highlighting its  ctivities, achievements and services to its external audience


*To be an effective link between the college and the internal and external audience. *Disseminating the administration's mission and activities to various public and private sectors. *Contributing seriously in the college activities and events inside and outside the college. *Developing public relations programs to improve relations with the internal audience. 


* Ensuring that the college complies with standards, methods and standards of quality to achieve academic accreditation and national recognition and highlighting the college's successes in reaching and sustaining national academic accreditation and enhancing its existence, impact and effectiveness.

*Ensuring the quality of standards, processes and scales used by academic programs and college  in the field of student development, We receive you at the University College of the model, and we are pleased to contact you and

meet with us through the details below 0173295568 Room 406