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The concept of TQM has become one of the most prominent concepts in the world today, and it is one of the modern management concepts aimed at improving and developing performance in all institutions. Hence, the college has established a quality assurance unit to spread the culture of quality among all faculty members and students. It also works in different departments of the college and its units and supporting departments in preparation for obtaining academic accreditation


The Quality Assurance Unit seeks to complete the internal quality  assurance systems of the College to be capable of continuous development in order to qualify for the academic accreditation of its programs from the National Accrediting Association.


The Quality Assurance Unit seeks to promote the value of work and educational experiences through a culture of excellence, continuous development of quality.  In addition to the implementation of an effective quality management system based on spreading and promoting quality culture in all fields of teaching, learning, extra-curricular activities, research and community service.


* Ensuring that the college complies with standards, methods and standards of quality to achieve academic accreditation and national recognition and highlighting the college's successes in reaching and sustaining national academic accreditation and enhancing its existence, impact and effectiveness.

*Developing the quality system to simplify and strengthen the reporting processes in quality and institutional research as it is the backbone of the decision-making and continuous improvement processes in the college, and ensuring cooperation between the units to apply this system.

*Ensuring the quality of standards, processes and scales used by academic programs and college  in the field of student development, achievement and diversity, to ensure that they are aligned to national requirements.

*Ensuring the quality of standards, processes and standards used to attract, accept and develop effective students with diversity and maintaining their continuity in order to ensure that it is aligned with national requirements.

*Ensuring the quality of the standards, processes and scales used to assess the quality of college facilities, technical support and scientific services in order to align them with national requirements

*Ensuring the quality of the standards, processes and scales applied by the human resource management to promote university employment policies, work conditions, preparation and professional development in order to ensure their conformity with national requirements and to enhance the effectiveness of quality assurance training programs provided to Alardah College by internal and external sources.

*Ensuring the quality of standards, processes and scales used to assess the quality of research development in the organization to meet national and international requirements.

*Ensuring the quality of standards, processes and standards to enhance the participation of Alardah University College in the community in order to meet national requirements.

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