E-Learning and Information Technology Unit

 Unit report for the year 1444 AH

      Unit plan for the first semester           Unit plan for the second semester   


 Unit plan for the third semester  Unit plan for the first semester

                 About the unit


The unit works to develop electronic services to have an active role in meeting the needs of college students at a level consistent with the standards required for e-learning services in higher education institutions.


Enhancing e-learning practices in the college and achieving a distinguished electronic learning environment in accordance with international standards based on perfection and quality.


Raising the efficiency of education and developing its outputs, and providing an electronic environment that supports the performance of faculty members and stimulates female students in the college through the optimal employment of e-learning applications and distance learning systems.. 


- Supporting the development of faculty members' capabilities in the field of scientific research.

Contact and communicate with us

We receive you at the University College of the model, and we are pleased to contact you and meet with us through the details below 0173295568 Room 406 hnatamkar@jazanu.edu.sa