Alumni Relations and Employment Unit at the College

Unity plan for the year 1443/1442

The unit's annual report for the year 1443/1442                                                                           Unit report for the first semester

   About the unit 


Believing in the leadership of the university in general and the Dean of the College in particular that the graduate is one of the ways to develop it. It is a mirror of the academic department, the college and the university in front of the local and external community - specifically in front of the labor market, and in order to achieve these fruits, the college has established a unit for Alumni to provide support and strengthen the permanent contact between the college and its graduate in order to maintain a permanent contact with its graduate, as the unit helps the female graduates to move from the educational environment The university has turned to the practical environment, following up on their news, helping them find suitable job opportunities, and providing feedback to the departments and college programs to be developed in light of the labor market needs and the employment rate for each program.


 Building a strong and effective partnership and communication link between the college, female graduates and the community, and positively supporting them to keep pace with the labor market requirements.


Seek to pursue the consolidation of effective communication methods between the college and its graduates and contribute to their qualification to find better job opportunities through a database, guidelines, training courses and workshops to make the most of the available job opportunities.


  1. Communicating with female graduates of the college in its various departments and matching the learning outcomes and the requirements of the labor market
  2. Building a database of female graduates and various employers.
  3. Building a base specialized in the needs of the labor market and the opportunities available for female graduates.
  4. Supporting communication and coordination with various employers.
  5. Helping to secure temporary or permanent job opportunities for female students after graduation, whether in community institutions or private projects.
  6. Strengthening the relationship with female graduates to benefit from their experiences in:
  7. Promote cooperative education with a number of bodies outside the university to train graduates in those bodies.
  8. .Participation in the events and activities organized by the college, such as lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops.

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