Scholarship Unit


   The documents required to open an external scholarship file                                                                            scholarship steps and procdures

About the unit


Establishing a website for scholarship unit providing all what the scholar needs and all the procedures needed from the very beginning until getting the degree. 


Qualifying the national candidates in all fields through a scholarship program to gain high degrees, experience and knowledge and promoting their educational and research skills to effectively participate in the development process of the kingdom.


Helping the scholars of the college inside and outside the kingdom and encouraging the teaching assistants and lecturers to apply for scholarships and offering all facilities for the scholars to join the most famous universities in the world.


- Following-up the scholars inside and outside the kingdom during his study  and helping with all the essential related services the graduates may need such as the proposal to extend the scholarship or change the specialization and other procedures related to the scholars’ affairs.

-  Contacting with the scholarship unit in Jazan University to supply the scholars and the candidates with the necessary documents.

-Collecting data about the Master and doctorate scholars  inside and outside the kingdom.

-Preparing programs for introducing the units and conducting lectures to educate scholars with the necessary requirement before and after the scholarship. 

Contact andcommunicate withus

We receive you at the University College of the model, and  we are pleased to contact you and meet with us through the details below Coordinator :Fatima Hakami                Tel:0173317968       E: 404

Email  :