Teaching and Learning Unit

                                                                                                                   unit plan and report                                     

                                                                                                                       About the unit    


Resources of teaching and learning Unit is created in response to utilize the liabilities of the accreditation of academic programs in Jazan University, that was established by the decision of the Dean in 15/01/1442 H. 


Achievement in quality of learning outcomes by using both teaching and learning resources in various college programs to be capable of continuous development to gain academic accreditation.


The unit seeks to achieve accreditation for various college programs and promote quality, creativity and innovation in education for teaching based on learning outcomes.


1. To publish a culture of quality of teaching and learning outcomes among faculty members. 2. Achieving unity for accreditation through the improvement and development of the educational process. 3. Building outcome-based education curriculum by working to meet standards associated with teaching and learning 4. Offering technical support and advice for college programs in the area of learning outcomes and the methods of evaluation and measurement 5. Setting periodical mechanisms of following-up and evaluation for the development and improvement of the learning outcomes of courses and programs in coordination with various departments.Coordinator of the UnitTayyiba Asim

Contact and communicate with us

We receive you at the University College of the model, and we are pleased to contact you and meet with us through the details below 0173295000 Room 406