Student Activities Unit

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an introduction

Student activity is no less important than the role of the book and the laboratory to complement the academic side with both curricular and non-curricular activity, as the extra-curricular and recreational activity aims to take care of those aspects that cannot be sponsored in the curricular activities, and provides the student with psychological and social skills and experiences that contribute to building her personality and cultivate her self-confidence and increase From its effectiveness, as the work system will be activated and developed in the student activity unit in the college through a future vision, mission and effective, clear, realistic and specific goals.


Excellence and leadership in providing and sponsoring various extracurricular student activities at the colleges level of Jazan University.

the message

The Student Activities Unit seeks to refine and build the balanced personality of the student and highlight her talent to be able to face the burdens of life and assume the responsibilities that will be assumed by her in the future through effective planning of the various activities in the student committees supported by the experiences and tools that help in developing the multiple personal aspects of the student and investing her spare time within the college And beyond.


  • Refining the personality of the university student and highlighting and developing their various skills and abilities • Inculcating correct concepts and values that build the student’s personality, spiritual, intellectual, and psychological, in a balanced manner, and developing the professional and productive taste of the students.
  • And spend their spare time with targeted programs for the benefit of them and their society • Shifting from theoretical studies to practical experiences that refine and expand the student’s knowledge • For student activity to be a means to remove barriers between female students and their professors, to provide a good environment for sophisticated and meaningful dialogue, to establish close relationships and connections between them, and to achieve an educational climate in the college where friendliness and respect prevail.

    • Developing female students ’sense of belonging and loyalty to the college, and emphasizing the duty of female students to serve their countries and interact with the issues of their society• Cultivating the spirit of fair competition among female students by participating in various competitions • Developing the collective spirit of female students by involving them in group work • Increasing the number of female students participating in student activities

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