Planning and Development Unit

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an introduction

unit in the college works on planning and development to have an active role in meeting the needs of college students at a level consistent with the standards required for education services in higher education institutions..


The College’s Planning and Development Unit aspires to be one of the leading, distinguished and advanced units in developing and promoting the college’s performance


1. Full coordination with the development departments within the college and proposing appropriate mechanisms to contribute to the college’s development in educational, research and other fields1.

2 / Development of the educational and administrative staff in the college

3 /Providing the required advice, developing practical solutions, and conducting research studies that enhance the academic aspect of the college..

 4/ Encouraging members to present development initiatives in order to promote and develop the performance of the college and its various departments.

5 .Defining the college administration periodically about the reality of the college in the fields of education, scientific research and community service by preparing special reports on the level of performance in accordance with the approved standards and comparative studies with local and foreign colleges6- Following up the development of the college’s strategic plan, following up on its implementation, and working on updating it in light of the university’s strategic plan

Contact and communicate with us

We receive you at the University College of the model, and we are happy to contact you and meet us through the details below

Unit Coordinator M. Farha Shakeel

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