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An Introduction

The student counseling system at the University College at the model seeks to provide advice and help students to be able to successfully complete their academic phase by achieving goals and providing all counseling services to students and distinguishing this at the level of Jazan University colleges.


Student counseling provides various counseling services to students, taking into consideration the priority and quality of services.


The student counseling system at the University College at the model seeks to advise and assist students in order to be able to successfully complete their academic stage by achieving the following goals:

1 / Providing the necessary support for students during their studies to achieve the completion of the study plan and the completion of all requirements within the available time period.

2 / Providing students with academic and advisory information and increasing their awareness of the university's mission, goals, and regulations.

3 / Follow up on students academically and help them complete their studies efficiently and support the university’s efforts to provide a sound educational environment to graduate qualified students for the labor market.

4 / Helping students to identify scientific specializations that suit their mental abilities and preferences.

5 / Directing students who are struggling in studies, guiding them, taking care of them, and following them up to raise their academic level and help them overcome the obstacles they face.

6 / Providing students with suggestions and advice to improve their academic achievement and help them overcome their academic and administrative problems.

7 / Raising university awareness of the university's availability of resources and services to improve students' level.

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