Scientific Research Unit

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The Scientific Research Unit was established at Alardah University College due to the college’s interest in the quality of scientific research. Scientific research is the second pillar after teaching at the university which reflects positively on the performance of academic faculty members and achieves the appropriate scientific climate for them that must be available in this academic institution. It also prepares students to live with this climate In order to be able to present appropriate scientific research under the supervision of the faculty members in the college in order to gain excellence and advancement in scientific research at the local, regional and global levels.


 Encouraging scientific competencies to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology and to motivate them to innovate, develop and direct scientific research to address local and international societal issues inthe field of science and humanities.


 The unit seeks to achieve academic accreditation for the various college programs and to enhance quality and innovation in scientific research in order to achieve education based on learning outcomes


- Supporting the development of faculty members'capabilities in the field of scientific research.

ـProviding courses and workshops on methods of writing scientific research.                            

-Training researchers on research writing languages ​​programs.

-Organizing the participation of faculty members in the various scientific conferences organized inside the Kingdom.

-Organizing the participation of faculty members and students in the various scientific seminars organized inside and outside the college.

-Documenting the courses and conferences that the college participates in through its own booklet, as well as a CD, and sending it to the technical support unit in the college’s annual report.

-Preparing  for the annual scientific forum for male and female students at Jazan University, as well as the annual scientific conference for male and female students of Saudi universities.

- Preparing a list of the annual conferences in which faculty members participated in the college and preparing an annual report supported by reports submitted by faculty members on their participation in those conferences.

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