Jazan University Herbarium was established at Biology Department in 1435H. It was awarded His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Nasser Excellence and Innovation Award for Environmental Protection in 1437H. The Herbarium also achieved international recognition of International Herbarium Union (USA) and gained Herbarium Code of (JAZUH) in 1438H. The Herbarium is the only one of its kind in the Southern Region and one of five internationally recognized herbaria in the Kingdom. It contains accessions of more than 5000 specimens representing flora of Jazan Region and the Kingdom. It also possesses the most comprehensive collection of succulent plant species in Saudi Arabia. Research carried out by herbarium team resulted in several scholarly articles describing flora of Jazan and Wadi Lagab. Research endeavors also resulted in discovery new plant species as additions to Saudi Flora and as species new to science........More details

 Excellence and Innovation Award from His Royal Highness Prince : Mohammad Bin Nasser (Prince of Jazan region) for environmental protection in 1437H (2016).