Message from assistant HOD


Message from Assistant HOD

The Department of Computer Science is one of the major departments of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, that was issued by Royal Decree (7/B/24232) on 11/5/1425 A.H. In the beginning of the first semester of 1432/1431, the Department of Computer Science was opened for female students. The discipline of Computer Science does not stop making a difference in different aspects of life. The world has witnessed and is witnessing waves of technology in which the basis is the research and application product of computer science; It directly affects our daily lives.  In recent years, many international universities have seen an increase in student interest in Computer Science, due to specialization, opportunities for employment and its impact on society.

In the Computer Science department, we are always working hard to develop the  learning experience and enrich the knowledge of female students, seeking to be a model for teaching, providing experience through our labs as a foundation for educating female students;  This is why we have sought to attract global expertise in Computer Science education and scientific research through members distinguished from various computer branches such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Information Security. These experiences came from different continents of the world with the aim of enriching the learning process, and enhancing our students with computer skills in the technological age and computer.

Socially, the Computer Science Department has been and remains one of the foundations for programming and computer education for Jazan University community; The Department is proud to be the main destination for various university disciplines in computer education and programming. The Department introduces a Bachelor of Computer Science program, with this program to achieve one of the Department's strategic objectives that will contribute to the development of knowledge that serves the King's Vision 2030 goals of digital transformation.


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Ebtisam Mohsen Shaddadi