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about the college

The establishment of the College of Medicine in Jazan, which was previously called (College of Medicine and Medical Sciences) was approved based on the recommendation that came in the minutes of the meeting of the Experts Committee in the Ministry’s Council and with the participation of the Ministry of Higher Education, Finance and National Economy No. 117 on 17/4/1421 AH. The Council of Ministers reviewed the minutes of the meeting prepared by the Committee of Experts, and the report was approved, and Royal Approval No. 7/B 15252 was issued on 11/18/1421 AH, then the decision of the Minister of Higher Education No. (7/B 15252). Issued on 26/21/24795 and dated 12/18/1421 AH to establish Jazan College of Medicine as a branch of King Abdulaziz University, and with a decision to establish Jazan University in 1426 AH (2006 AD) Jazan College of Medicine. He was dismissed from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah to join Jazan University. The decision to establish the College of Medicine came within the framework of the state’s interest in the health sector and support of its institutions to keep pace with the remarkable development in the Kingdom, and to face the steady increase in the Kingdom’s population, which requires education, training and qualification of national medical cadres capable of meeting health requirements.


To make the College of Medicine at Jazan University a center of excellence in medical education and an active partner in promoting health in the Jazan region.
college message

Jazan University College of Medicine aims to achieve academic excellence and prepare graduates to be local and regional leaders in health education and medicine. It also aims to serve the community by addressing its problems and supporting its social and economic development, as well as producing internationally distinguished scientific research and new knowledge that meets the needs of the Jazan region, the Kingdom and the world at large.
Program message

The College of Medicine at Jazan University is committed to applying Islamic values, principles of social accounting and quality standards to graduate physicians who are able to respond to health needs and challenges, direct scientific research and health services to solve health problems in the community, and enhance methods of governance and management in the college and partnership with other stakeholders.



Strategic plan for the College of Medicine, Jazan University 2017-2022

First: The strategic directions of Jazan University

1- Building a global management system

2- Achieving mental excellence

3- Creating a social and economic impact
Second: The strategic objectives of the College of Medicine, Jazan University

1- Finding effective approaches to leadership and governance

2- Achieving the appropriate limit for the student’s educational and academic performance

3- Achieving research excellence to reach the social and economic impact

4- Translating the principles of social accounting into actual practice