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Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Holy Prophet, his family and all his companions...

We thank God that we have this dear country, which we cherish and serve, whose rulers did not hesitate to strive to develop it and provide decent means of living to its citizens. It includes the kind approval of the establishment of the College of Sharia and Law, which is considered one of the qualitative experiences in the Kingdom and achieves what Vision 2030 aims for. In terms of specialization and the need of the labor market, and where the decision stipulated that its sections be three: the Sharia section, the Public law section, and the private law section. The Public law section, is defined as one of the main branches of law and is concerned with legal relations in which the state is a party, such as constitutional, administrative, criminal, international and financial. As for studying in the department, there is only one program (law) in the college as a bachelor's program. Rather, the division (general / private) is intended for the administrative division of faculty members and the qualitative division of the subjects of the law plan, as well as for the sake of developing postgraduate programs in each department, and this is what we are working on with vigorous plans.

Accordingly, I pray to God that the Department of Public Law become a beacon of knowledge, guidance and training for students and others who want to benefit in this field in cooperation with a team of faculty members and employees striving to achieve excellence that I hope, the university hopes for, and the country awaits. May God grant everyone success, peace and may God's mercy be upon you.


Head of the Department of Public Law

Dr. Khalid bin Ali Al-Saidi

Dr. Khalid Bin Ali Al-Saidi

Head of Public Law Department


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Telephone : 0173295592


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College of Sharia and Law- Jazan University

Abu Arish- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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