Vice Deanship for Development

Vice Deanship Tasks

1. Devoting the concept of quality and spreading its culture at the college level.
2. Supervising the implementation of the quality program in the college.
3. Supervising the implementation of the academic evaluation and accreditation program.
4. Supervising the performance evaluation in the college.
5. Preparing and implementing the development and strategic plans of the college.
6. Studying the difficulties or problems facing development and quality programs and proposing solutions to them.
7. Determining the specialized training needs of faculty members in the academic departments of the college and coordinating with the Deanship of Academic Development in implementing them.
8. Encouraging faculty members to participate in attending the courses, training programs and workshops offered to them by the Deanship of Academic Development.
9. Supervising the preparation of a plan to develop the skills of the faculty members, staff and students.
10. Supervising the use of technologies, e-learning, educational media and distance education in the college.
11. Supervising the preparation of the college's annual report, calculating the college's performance indicators, and submitting it to the University Vice Presidency for Development and Entrepreneurship after being approved by the College Council.
12. Follow up on the development of educational facilities in the college and modernization of laboratories.
13. Laying out the internal system of work in the Agency for Development and Quality, the terms of reference and the general description of the duties of its employees and how to coordinate between the units affiliated to it based on the approved regulations at the university.
14. Implementation and follow-up of the activities of the creativity and excellence awards in academic, research and career performance in the college.
15. Develop appropriate interim plans for the periodic review of approved quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of academic departments and administrative units in the college.
16. Develop a mechanism to identify the expectations, requirements, and level of satisfaction of the college's clients (internal and external).
17. Executing and following up the evaluation and development of the teaching performance of the faculty member, and assisting him in achieving professional and practical excellence.
18. Continue to update the college's website.

Vice Dean Authority



  • Quality and Academic Accreditation
  • Planning and Development Unit
  • Statistics and Information Unit
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit
  • Studies and Information Unit
  • Teaching and Learning Unit
  • Risk Unit