Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs

  Dr. Abdulkarim M. Meraya

Vice Deanship Tasks

1- Supervising the implementation of the executive regulations and rules of the regulations for studies and examinations for the university level.
2- Supervising the academic affairs units.
3- Supervising the preparation of study schedules for students in academic departments and coordinating with other colleges in cooperation with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
4- Supervising the conduct of the final exams and the formation of its committees, in coordination with the academic departments and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
5- Supervising the application of admission and transfer controls to and from the college and between academic departments.
6- Supervising the work of the Student Affairs Committee and the Student Extracurricular Activities Committees.
7- Presiding over the agency's committees and submitting their reports to the concerned authorities.
8- Supervising the course equivalency process.
9- Supervising requests for postponement and apologies for studying, as well as deletions and additions for undergraduate students in accordance with the regulations and decisions issued in this regard.
10- Supervising the preparation of lists of deprivation and lists of graduates.
11- Supervising the activities of the college induction week.
12- Directing and guiding students and solving issues related to academic achievement.
13- Submitting periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the progress of work in the units affiliated to it, according to the tasks assigned to it, and the difficulties it faces.
14 - Coordination with the college units in the relevant fields.
15- Supervising the financial affairs and trust assigned to the agency and its programs in accordance with the rules and regulations.
16- Follow-up to update the college’s website with regard to its agency and its affiliated administrative units.
17- Executing the tasks assigned to him by the dean of the college.

Vice Dean Authority

1- Approval of the study schedules submitted by the academic departments of the college.
2- Forming and approving student activities committees in the college.
3- Approval of the increase in the number of students in the divisions, in coordination with the concerned departments and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
4- Approving the lists of deprivation and lifting them according to the rules and regulations.
5- Deciding on issues of student excuses as needed in accordance with the rules and regulations.
6- Choosing the supervisors of its units and departments and recommending their appointment.
7- Issuing the internal decisions required for the progress of work in the Vice Deanship of the College and its units in accordance with the rules and regulations.
8- Evaluating the performance of the agency's employees.
9- Approving the regular and emergency leave for the employees of the Agency's units.
10- Approval of spending from the agency’s budget and custody in accordance with the organizing regulations.
11- Approving the opening of new sections at the request of the concerned departments.


•Student Affairs Unit
• Examinations Unit
• Guidance and Counseling Unit
• Archival Unit
• Alumni Unit
• Study plans and curricula
• Library
• Teaching and learning Unit