Academic Advising Unit

The Academic Advising Unit (AAU)

of the college is responsible for the management of academic counselling of the students of each level under the supervision of Vice Dean of Academic Affairs. The Academic Unit is consisting of a Head of the Unit and few members, who are responsible to record and maintain the performance of each and every student on regular basis and assign the students to teaching faculties for guidance and counselling. Students can easily trace their Academic advisor through the University website ( The process of student counselling in the college of pharmacy is undertaken through following steps:

      • The Academic Advising Unit of the college of pharmacy maintains a longitudinal database of the student profile and academic performance and monitor from one semester to another.
      • Every semester, a limited number of students (usually 5-10) are assigned to each teaching staffs, who conducts regular meeting with the students on personal basis as a group or individually.
      • At the beginning of each academic session, the AAU prepares a list of students with poor academic performance (GPA less than 3).
      • The list is submitted to the respective academic advisors, who initiate remediation process through meeting each student, try to find the reasons and providing necessary counselling to overcome academic, social or psychological difficulties faced by the students, if any. 
      • The academic advisors have to submit a report to the AAU at every week on the number theoretical and practical sessions missed by their students; in addition to that, the academic advisors also notify the students and trying to find the reasons and finally submit the report to the AAU for further action.
      • The academic advisors prepare a study plan for all irregular students and arrange a meeting with them for clarification and discussions regarding further conduct. 
      • Apart from counseling to improve the academic achievement, the academic advisors also provide career counselling, mainly to graduating students, which may be helpful to find better jobs or pursue further studies.    
      • Every teaching faculty of the college of pharmacy has display office hours, during that time he/she will be available to clear the doubts related to theory and practical contents of his/her subjects.