About the department

One of the signs of sophistication, civilization and renaissance in any country is the development of the educational sector and the health sector, thanks to God and then thanks to the wise leadership in our dear country. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed clear progress and remarkable development, and a great renaissance in both the education and health sectors. The Nursing Department includes a large number of female students In this vital specialty that is important in the lives of nations and societies due to its direct contact with human health and the requirements of his life, the department currently offers a special program, which is the Bachelor of Nursing, and a distinguished elite of faculty members, including professors, specialists and technicians, perform teaching and training tasks in the department, and it is available in the Nursing Department All the necessary capabilities of classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest equipment that are used in the field of teaching and training. The department aspires to graduate male and female nurses who contribute to providing better care for all and with a high degree of professional competence for the graduates and providing them with the knowledge and modern skills necessary to help them perform their duties.

We ask Allah to help and guide .

Department Head Dr. Dareen Mazkour

College Vision

In light of the university's vision, the College of Nursing sought to be a scientific beacon with leadership locally and regional excellence in the fields of nursing education, scientific research and community service.

College tasks

1. Updating educational programs and linking them to the needs of society and the labor market.
2. Improving and developing the educational environment and infrastructure.
3. Providing educational experiences from faculty members who are able to transfer expertise and knowledge skills and provide high-quality educational opportunities for students.
4. Developing the teaching, professional and research capabilities of the faculty members.
5. Deepening students' understanding of outstanding nursing skills to provide comprehensive nursing care.
6. Developing the ability to judge clinical cases through scientific investigation, critical thinking and logical analysis based on evidence.
7. Preparing nurses with high skill and efficiency in providing nursing care to patients according to international academic standards in the field of nursing and in accordance with Islamic and ethical principles and professional regulations.
8. Encouraging scientific research and carrying out nursing research directed at solving health problems with priorities in the local community.
9. Analyzing and studying the problems of the nursing profession and contributing to the advancement of the profession.
10. . Improving and developing the competencies of the administrative body in order to keep pace with the changes and needs of the college.
11. Obtaining academic accreditation for academic programs.
12. Strengthening the college's role in community service and development and keeping pace with scientific development in the field of nursing and continuing education.