Vice Dean Female Message

Vice Dean Nursing College Female Section

Dr. Noura Abdullah Madkhali

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Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God and his family and companions:

One of the signs of sophistication, civilization and renaissance in any country is the development of the educational sector and the health sector. Thanks to God, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed clear progress, remarkable development, and a great renaissance in both the education and health sectors. As care was taken to graduate young Saudi men and women in the medical field at the highest level, according to the latest educational systems. With this point of view, the College of Nursing was established to be a link within the system of health colleges in the universities of the Kingdom to be a major contributor towards qualifying the nation’s nursing graduates capable of dealing with all acute and chronic cases with high efficiency and at all three levels of health care (preventive - curative - and rehabilitative) in response to the requirements of society and the Saudi labor market and to keep pace with scientific changes and developments at the local, regional and global levels.

The college has progressed at a fast and steady pace through its study plans that aim to raise the quality of educational outputs and provide the student with the ability to deal with health care progresses and modern scientific and technical developments. The college also seeks to raise the scientific level of its academic curricula as well as the scientific, local, regional and global reputation in response to the requirements for obtaining accreditation and in line with the University’s 2030 mission, which focuses on providing the highest level of academic services and is committed to preparing skilled nurses who excel at work and contribute towards providing better care for all.