Department Committees

Teaching Assistants and Lecturers Committee

Committee Tasks

  • Studying the reports presented by the various candidates doing a masters or a PhD abroad.
  • Studying the different applicants presented for recruitment.
  • Revising and developing the plans of higher studies in the department.
  • Looking after the entrance exams of the students for higher studies in the department and giving recommendations to the department council.
  • Presenting the academic instructions to the students regarding higher studies.
  • Studying the applications submitted by students concerning additional chances and re-registration etc. and submitting them to the department council.
  • Studying the suggestions of the master and doctorate dissertations and forwarding them to the department council.
  • Distribution of the study curricula to the teaching staff member in the department.
  • Suggesting the students’ number which may be accepted for the coming years.
  • Putting a system to write, confirm and spreading the scientific research and sharing in the conferences at the department level.
  • Establishing and updating the research data base and the projects accomplished by the teaching staff members in the department.
  • Urging the teaching staff members to assist in writing scientific articles in the international scientific magazines.
  • Announcing the research list to the teaching staff members on the electronic website of the department and updating it annually.
  • Evaluating the current program of the higher studies of the department periodically.
  • Carrying out the tasks assigned by the committee of the higher studies and the scientific research in the faculty.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Hassan Ghazwani                                                     Coordinator
  • Dr. Mohamed Mosallem                                                Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Waleed Zakri                                                              Member
  • Dr. Ali Alnujaie                                                                  Member
  • Dr. Saeed Mousa                                                             Member
  • Dr. Mofareeh Ghazwani                                               Member
  • Dr. Yahya Fageehi                                                          Member
  • Dr. Hassan Fageehi                                                       Member