Department Committees

Postgraduate Studies Committee

Committee Tasks

  • To give suggestions for modification of the study plan for the mechanical engineering bachelor program to achieve the quality requirements.
  • Study and compare among our study plan with those in the other local, regional, and international universities to indicate the points of weakness and strength.
  • Modify the syllabus content of the academic courses to improve their outcomes that conform to the mechanical engineering program outcomes.
  • Estimate the facilities and the financial and human resources needed to achieve the program outcomes.
  • Make connection between the package of academic programs suggested from the mechanical engineering department and reinforce their coincidence among them, such as the connection between Bachelor, Diploma, MS.C, and Ph.D. programs to achieve the requirements of job market and, educational and learning quality.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Ahmed Bagabir                                  Coordinator
  • Dr. Ali Alshahrani                                     Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Gaber El-Awadi                                  Member
  • Dr. Sultan Althahban                              Member
  • Dr. Yahya Rothan                                     Member
  • Dr. Aymen Alneamy                                Member
  • Dr. Sofiene Mellouli                                Member
  • Dr. Mohamed Mosallem                       Member