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Senior Design Projects

Graduation projects for the academic year 2021

  • Knock and Detonation Effects on Engines Performance: Design Factors & Modeling

  • Design and Fabrication of Mini Refrigerator with Thermoelectric Cooling

  • Design of Two-Bed adsorption cooling Heat Exchanger

  • Design and economic study on petroleum transportation pipeline from Jazan to Abha

  • Numerical simulation of linear elastic crack growth using finite element

  • Design and fabrication of rope pump

  • A practical study to study the effect of fin shape on the rate of free and forced convection heat transfer

  • Design and Fabrication of RC Fishing Boat

  • Design and Development of a refrigerating System for a Food Transport refrigerated Truck

  • Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Concrete Composite Reinforced with Graphene Nanoparticles

  • Design and setup of electrochemical machining Etching to Study the Effect of Chemical Etching Process.

  • Design and optimization of dynamic vibration absorber for reduction of vibration system

  • Design new device for desalinating water using acoustic power wave

  • Analytical Design of an Automotive Exhaust Thermoelectric Generator

Graduation projects for the academic year 2020

  • Die casting for copper reinforced with steel rods
  • Numerical Analysis of Mixed Mode Fracture using Finite Element
  • Comparative Study of Using R-134a, R410A, R-407C, NH3, and R-404A as Cooling medium in the condenser of a steam power plant using ASPEN.
  • Modeling Real Engine Flow and Combustion Processes
  • Design of Gas Turbine: Rotor dynamics Study
  • Design and construction of a hydrogen Train prototype
  • Evaluation of offshore chemical behavior 6351Aluminum alloy in Red Sea environment
  • Design and fabricate the GLARE composites reinforced with nanofillers
  • Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Mechanical Properties of Poly lactic acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Parts by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF))
  • Design and fabrication of an air lift pump
  • Design of Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Drag Force of Immersed Bodies.
  • Surface deformation studies of marine grade aluminum alloy
  • Supersonic converge-diverge nozzle design and CFD analysis of the flow

Graduation projects for the academic year 2019

  • Design and study the effect of steam injection on the performance of spark ignition engine
  • Active vibration control of SMART beam
  • Finite element simulation for crack propagation
  • Design of Construct of a forth flotation system
  • Design, Development and Test Performance of Natural & Forced Convection solar dryer for grape draying
  • Design of two bed adsorption cooling system
  • Evaluation of corrosion behavior of stainless steel in red sea water
  • Design and Fabrication of Brake lining Material
  • Simulation of linear elastic fracture mechanics using finite element method simulation for crack propagation
  • Feasibility of Using Vapor Compression Refrigeration System in Cooling the Steam Power Plant Condenser Using ASPEN-HYSYS
  • Modeling Design for Combustion Study in SI Engines: Influences of Combustion Parameters on Heat Generation in Cylinders.
  • Experimental and Numerical Study of External Flow
  • Tribological investigation of different Dental Filling composites
  • Manufacturing and assessments of the functionally graded materials
  • Influence of heat treatment on the corrosion behavior of 6061 Al alloy in Red Sea water