About the Department

Electrical engineers are an integral part of all kinds of industries. industry. It is impossible to imagine any modern industry that does not require the services of electrical engineers. The engineering applications of electrical engineers range from the very minute industries (such as nano-technology and biomedicine) to the massive industries such as space exploration and satellites, so electrical engineering is considered the cornerstone of any new technological development. Also, electrical utilities, communication networks, industrial plants, computer technology in terms of hardware and software development all depend heavily on the expertise of electrical engineers.

Department Vision

To produce comprehensively trained socially responsible, innovative electrical engineers and researchers of the highest quality to contribute to the nation’s imprint on the world stage.

Department Mission

To provide the highest level of graduates in electrical engineering through high-quality education and technology, collaborative research which enabling them to reach their fullest potential as a professional and as a member of Jazan province community and KSA society.




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The Engineering Club organized a course on Arduino, an electronic development board consisting of an open source electronic circuit with a computer-programmed microcontroller, designed to facilitate the use of interactive electronics in

11 Rajab 1442


Dear student

You must log in to the Blackboard system daily to follow up on lectures and to see all that is new regarding academic courses.

01 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1443

Congratulations on the new academic year

The employees of the Electrical Engineering Department congratulate the students on the occasion of the new academic year, wishing them a successful start and a bright start.

01 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1443