Dean’s speech

 "We at the College of Engineering at Jazan University aim to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in empowering society and achieving sustainable development by providing an advanced and modern engineering educational environment, and empowering students, faculty members, and staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve sustainability in local and global communities.

The College of Engineering works to achieve Jazan University's strategic plan and its own strategic plan, with the following objectives:

- Providing leading engineering education in various engineering fields, characterized by academic excellence, innovation, and quality.

- Enhancing scientific research and development of knowledge in various engineering fields, providing innovative and advanced engineering solutions and technologies to meet the challenges facing society.

- Empowering students, faculty members, and staff with the necessary skills for innovation and entrepreneurship, transforming creative ideas into successful business projects.

- Strengthening links with industry, government sectors, and the local community, providing training and professional and innovative development opportunities for students, faculty members, and staff.

- Encouraging engineering culture and lifelong learning through continuing education programs, e-learning, and distance learning.


The College is currently seeking to enhance graduate studies and scientific research by opening more graduate programs and establishing an engineering research center."


Dr. Ahmad AlHassan Zaid AbuTalib

Dean of College of Engineering, Jazan University