Graduation Projects



Requirements for submitting a graduation project in the Civil Engineering Department

Students of the continuing senior projects submit the first presentation for discussion in addition to a small report of no less than five (5) pages in English in front of the jury, with each member of the committee evaluating the students from 0–50% and then taking the average.

2- Each member of the jury, during the final discussion of the finished project, evaluates the students with a score of 50%. Then the grades are collected by the project coordinator in the department, and the final grade is adopted as an average of the commission members’ grades.

3- The draft copies are delivered to the arbitrators a week before the final discussion so that they can read the report and express their opinions.

4-If there is a delay in the project’s students delivering copies to the arbitrators beyond the specified date, then the committee has the right Arbitration postponed the date of the discussion.

5-Students in each project submit a poster of the size (90 x 70 cm) that contains the summary, introduction, and part

The project's feasibility, design, and the most important results and recommendations were all evaluated.

6- Students prepare and hand over one (1) hard copy of the project’s final report, completed after work. Amendments, if any, + (1) a summary of the project, not more than 5 papers, + (1) numerical copy on CD.

(The final presentation is on Power Point + the entire project after making the final modifications, + project boards and any video recording.

7- Receipt of copies and all project requirements after the final discussion with a maximum of seven (7) days, otherwise they will be withheld the students results who did not adhere to the controls.

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