Head of Department's Message

In the name of God, prayers and peace be upon our master Mohammad and all his family and companions. I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of Civil Engineering at Jazan University. Technological development in many areas of life has hardly become devoid of reliance on what the civil Engineering specialization contributes to establishing a distinct imprint that achieves urban development in today's world, the civil engineering speciality is one of the most important scientific and applied disciplines that drive the growth of the economy based on knowledge. The Civil Engineering Department is one of the oldest and largest engineering departments, where graduates of the department can specialize in seven different fields:

  1. Structural Engineering.

  2. Water Engineering

  3.  Environmental Engineering

  4. Surveying Engineering

  5. Transportation Engineering

  6. Geotechnical Engineering

  7. Construction Engineering

Since its inception, the Civil Engineering Department has been keen to raise the level of quality and preserve the scientific foundations of the civil engineering profession by working hard by providing the labor market with qualified civil engineers who can compete with graduates of prestigious universities inside or outside the Kingdom. The department was also keen on communicating with the department's graduates by establishing an association for them to exchange all kinds of knowledge and experiences and to give the department their opinions to develop the department's march. The department also works on developing the civil engineering profession by participating in research in conferences and periodicals within the Kingdom, as well as international conferences and international refereed and reputable periodicals.
The department seeks, with its available material capabilities, capabilities and human beings, to prepare a civil engineer in a modern scientific manner in accordance with international standards, in an effort to enhance the department’s outputs, enrich scientific research and contribute to community service. Research, innovation and innovation in order to achieve success and a bright future for them, their families and their society.
Dr. Hassan M. Magbool
Head of Civil Engineering Department