Chair of the Department


Chemical engineering – in the contemporary world – is one of the most important scientific and applied disciplines that drive the growth of the knowledge-based economy. Technological development in many areas of life becomes barely not without relying on Chemical Engineering contributions and its distinct fingerprints on achieving added value. At the dawn of the 21st century, enormous progress in the applied outputs of Chemical Engineering and their remarkable revolution were noted.

Since this discipline was founded in the early 20th century in order to link basic science to applied engineering science. This link was raised with the evolution of knowledge and has accompanied and raised with human needs that today it is a prerequisite for all societies. Based on these facts, JAZAN University – since its establishment – has this strong eagerness to make Chemical Engineering one of the major sections at the Faculty of engineering. This eagerness comes to keep pace with the industrial development in JAZAN in particular and Saudi Arabia in general so as to meet the requirements of the labor market and its needs.

The specialty of the Chemical Engineer depends strongly on the modern in Information Technology and its relation with the Chemical Engineering branches. As well as creating the skills acquired through the practice of the specialty during field training for students completing graduate work. The curriculum was developed for the department to meet the requirements of the labor market and needs of Jazan area to this specialty. As Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of oil and its derivatives, the chemical engineer specialty has become one of the first requirements of the oil and petrochemical industry.

Chemical engineers play the most important roles in many industries such as food, pharmaceutical, mineral, chemical, petrochemical, biochemical, plastic, paper and textile industries, and water treatment industries in addition to the services that can be provided by the chemical engineer for the environment through environmental impact assessment studies and scientific solutions to these problems. Therefore, building a chemical engineer that is able to design, develop and manage chemical processes and chemical process plants is necessary. Furthermore, the study of advanced materials science, new and renewable energies, nanotechnology, biofuels, medical engineering, nuclear and others has given the chemical engineer broad participation in the development of many modern-day techniques and tools.

According to all the above, the preparation of chemical engineering student at JAZAN University depends primarily on guiding the student and refining his abilities over five years of continuous study. The aim is to create from him an active element that has the technical skills which qualify him to practice engineering work efficiently for the benefit of society, and also to achieve the ultimate goal of raising Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Nasser Ibrahim H. Zouli

Chair of Chemical Engineering Department