Practical Training

Summer Training


The College of Engineering at Jazan University has implemented the field training program in both governmental and private sectors. The program is approved and known as one strategy for constructive knowledge cooperation with the labor market. The field training program is a required for all students, whatever their major is, in order to graduate from the College of Engineering. The field training program is 8 weeks long, which gives students the opportunity to apply practical knowledge and skills gained during their years of study at the College under the supervision of specialists and experts.

The College of Engineering through the field-training unit strives to help students to complete their field training efficiently and effectively, as well as achieving the training's goals with best standards. Therefore, a field training guide has been prepared to instruct the students about the procedures and required from them to complete, also the important dates that they would follow. Besides guiding them with and all program regulations.

Field Training Unit

It is one of the units that is under the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs. This unit handles all matters related to the student training. Starting from finding training opportunities in both governmental and private sectors to approve the acceptance of training requests. Additionally, distributing the students to training entities, following up on them, and preparing training results in coordination with academic departments. Moreover, the field training unit provides the departments with the required information about the students, as well as other work related to training.


Leadership in the field of training to enhance the capabilities of the students in accordance to the requirements of the labor market efficiently and effectively.


Building distinguished and effective relationships in the field of training between the College and its students on one hand and between the College and training entities on the other hand, with the aim of preparing a student capability to excel in practical life by selecting training entities that have suitable and appropriate training programs offered to students. Moreover, giving the student the opportunity to apply the theoretical aspects learned in classrooms in the working/ practical life in the labor market, which enhances the level of partnership between the university and the governmental and private sectors.


  • Refining and developing the scientific and research skills of students in a developmental scientific environment
  • Promoting effective scientific and academic communication between the academic environment and working life
  • Strengthening relations through communication between the college and the various training entities through several means of communication in order to create job opportunities for graduates
  • Finding suitable training opportunities by communicating with industrial facilities and public and private governmental institutions to assist the training of students