About Faculty

Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad:
The approval of the honorable High Commissioner for the establishment of the College of Engineering in Jazan region was issued by Decree No. 7 / B / 24232 dated 11/5/1425 AH, which is affiliated with King Khalid University. The study started with it at the beginning of the first academic semester of the academic year 1426/1427 AH. Then, the honorable High Commissioner approved the establishment of Jazan University to facilitate the higher education goals in the dear homeland. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia handed over the College of Engineering to Jazan University, and which started functioning on 12/1/1427 AH.
The college is concerned with engineering education and will make a mark in higher education in the region. Among its objectives are the following:
● Benefiting from modern technology in various fields of engineering, including mechanical engineering, industrial information systems, electrical and civil engineering, as well as chemical engineering.
● Creating a strong engineering base in Jazan region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia concerned with design, mechanical manufacturing, installations, operating engines and machines, keeping pace with progress in designing and dealing with automatic control systems, studying productivity measurements, improving performance and rationalizing resources.
● Expanding interest in the study of production and manufacturing engineering, especially computer-aided manufacturing, industrial systems analysis and design, as well as flexible manufacturing systems, and computer-aided integrated manufacturing systems.
● Opening new and crucial areas in the fields of energy, including biofuels, renewable energy, fuel cells, and micro-sensors. We also aim to raise the engineering sense in power generation, and diversify its sources as a national goal for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
● Keeping abreast of technological development in the fields of large industries such as satellites, communication networks, computer technology in terms of hardware and software development, as well as the establishment of electrical facilities.
● Planning, designing, and implementing various engineering projects, building infrastructure, and superstructure for urbanization and maintenance of the infrastructure in the community.
● Achieving academic accreditation standards in all its programs and academic fields.
● Linking undergraduate and graduate programs in quantity and quality to the requirements and needs of the labor market in the Jazan region and the Kingdom as a whole.
● Interest in presenting advanced technical issues related to logic and engineering knowledge as special topics such as expert systems, artificial intelligence, and developing the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.
● Paying attention to the scientific application of most courses, evaluating students' performance, internships, and administrative interaction.
● Paying attention to field training.
● Preparing qualified Saudi youth holding a bachelor's degree in engineering to contribute in various industrial fields, and helping to remove the existing deficit in this specialization.
● Working on developing the industrial sense, and the ability to choose and experiment among students by focusing on the applied aspects that directly affect human life, and the completion of some industrial projects during the study period.
● Prepare the student adequately to continue postgraduate studies and scientific research in the various fields of engineering.
● Preparing the student for the labor market through mandatory summer training (as a condition for graduation) to be able to actively participate in future development plans in the Kingdom.

Dean of the College of Engineering,
Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassan Abu Taleb